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20.05.2016 05:15:30
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Ista International Aquascaping Contest 2016

‪#‎2016IIAC‬ is open for submission!
ISTA 國際水草造景大賽
Register here  http://www.iiac.com.tw/en/register.php
巨额奖金等着你来领取 !
Grand Prize $10,000 is waiting for you! 

Labour day notice !

Exottera Moss Ball

New Arrivals !

Exottera Moss Ball

  • Helps provide clear aquarium water and reduce odor
  • Easy and effective deodorizer; Traps phosphate, nitrite and nitrate
  • Effective for up to two months
  • Reduces organic matter accumulation
  • Provides your fish with clear aquarium water

Tetra Bits Complete

Tetra Bits Complete

  • For all discus & other demanding tropical fish
  • Optimally adpted to special nutritional requirements of discus is regard to color, shape & formula

Sergeant's fur so fresh

New arrival !

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Hi-White Dog Shampoo is a special formulation rich in conditioners that impart a high lustrous sheen to the fur coat. This unique shampoo helps eliminate yellow discoloration and stains in white coats, plus highlights colors in all coats. It also aids in reducing dryness of the skin and fur. This shampoo comes in a vanilla berry fragrance.

  • Brightens white coats and highlights colors
  • Conditions and helps prevent dryness
  • Vanilla berry fragrance
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Puppy Shampoo is an exceptionally mild, deep cleansing formula that is ideal for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. It will not irritate your pet's eyes or skin. This rich conditioning formula beautifies the fur while bringing out a high natural luster. This shampoo comes in a baby powder scent.

  • Gentle formula ideal for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin
  • Non-irritating to the eyes and skin
  • Baby powder scent
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh All Purpose Dog Shampoo is a deep cleansing formula that has a delightful ocean breeze scent. It will leave your pet smelling fresh for up to two weeks after bathing. Special conditioners will help strengthen the fur coat, adding sheen and body. Grooming will be easier after using Sergeant's Fur-So-Fresh!

  • Deep-cleansing formula leaves coat lustrous
  • Special conditioners add sheen and body to fur
  • Ocean breeze fragrance
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Oatmeal Dog Shampoo presents an exceptional innovation in skin care for your pet. This exclusive formulation combines all-natural, 100% pure, colloidal oatmeal with Awapuhi, a natural extract of the native Hawaiian ginger plant, to eliminate dulling mineral deposits and add natural moisture and sheen to the coat. This soap-free formula is hypo-allergenic, pH-balanced, non-steroidal, and rinses with ease. Fur-So-Fresh cleans, deodorizes and moisturizes, providing a protective barrier to maintain and restore your dog's coat and skin to an optimum level of vitality. This shampoo comes in a milk and honey fragrance.

  • Soothing anti-itch formula moisturizes and cleans your dog's coat
  • Made with oatmeal and Awapuhi
  • Milk and honey fragrance
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Medicated Dog Shampoo relieves dry, itchy and flaky skin.  This non-irritating and non-drying formula promotes cleaner, healthier skin and leaves your dog's coat soft and shiny. The deep cleansing formula is made with tea tree oil and has a green tea fragrance.

  • Relieves dry, itchy and flaky skin
  • Deep cleansing formula is non-irritating and non-drying
  • Made with tea tree oil
  • Green tea fragrance
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Sergeant's Fur So Fresh Whiff Dog Shampoo contains EOC (Extreme Odor Control) technology to eliminate dog odors while leaving your dog smelling clean and fruity fresh. Whiff Odor Control Shampoo is specifically for dogs with strong odors, including dogs that may have been in contact with skunks and other offensive smells. The shampoo comes in a fresh and fruity fragrance.

  • Patented technology helps eliminate odors, even skunk
  • For dogs with strong odors
  • Fresh fruity scent
  • 18 fl oz bottle

Le Bon Chat Cat Litter

New Arrival ! 

Le Bon Chat Cat Litter

  • four flavor smell : Protection , Energetic ,Dynamic & Harmony

Pronatur Holistic


Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic diets, each is a combination of the freshest healthiest ingredients. It's global love of eating in a bowl. Each embodies generations of traditional wisdom at its core. Which is best for your pet? Mediterranēa, Asiatò or Nordikö? All are sublime, it's for you to choose.


Peace, harmony and longevity

Asiatò uses omega-3 rich whitefish as its protein source. Coconut supplies minerals, fibre and a unique fatty acid composition. Kelp may help boost your pet's thyroid and immune system, carefully grown vegetables, beneficial herbs and special ingredients like ginger, papaya, tapioca and shiitake mushrooms round out the formula.

Hedonism and health in perfect balance

Heart-healthy cold-water salmon and menhaden are the protein source. Lentils supply fibre, sweet potato provides vitamins and flaxseed delivers more omega fatty acids. Sun-kissed tomatoes, basil, parsley and oregano target your pets' immune system, load them up with antioxidants and may help prevent skin problems.

Freshness, freedom and natural purity

Tender juicy turkey is the Nordikö formula protein source. Root vegetables, apples, cranberries and berries are blended to make every delicious bite chockfull of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Herbs like hardy thyme provide flavour and valuable health benefits, then there's sun cured alfalfa, dark green kale and more.


10 types of body language that is expressed by Hamster

Hamster will often expressed their emotion through different types of "body language". Below are 10 types of "body language" that often showed by hamster. Let's learn about some of this "body language" to more understand your lovely pets.

1. Roll into a circle

  • There are 2 reasons for hamster roll into a circle. One is sleeping, while another reason is it is unwell. If it is unwell, then special care is needed.

2. Rolled over the body

  • This action means that they are tried to protect themselves due to startle or afraid.

3. Moving on the same path several times

  • This action showed that they are in nervous condition.

4. Bite the cage

  • There are 2 reasons why hamster likes to bite the cage. First reason is they tried to escape from the cage. Second reason is they are tried to contol the length of their teeth by bite on the cage.

5. Bite the owner's hand

  • There are 2 reasons for hamster showing this reaction. First, they are tried to protect themselves due to afraid. Secondly, they though that there are food coming because owner's hand have the smell of "FOOD".

6. Show dropping ear

  • Hamster will show this action when it is in relaxing mode.

7. Sort out their fur

  • First reason is they are in relaxing mode. Another reason is they are tried to spread their smell onto the body again.

8. Stand up

  • To observed and survey the surrounding conditions.

9. Lie on the floor

  • This normally showed when the hamster come to a new place and they are tried to smell the surrounding conditions.

10. Keep moving their nose

  • They are tried to investigate the surroundings instead of using their eye.

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