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20.05.2016 05:15:30
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10 types of body language that is expressed by Hamster

Hamster will often expressed their emotion through different types of "body language". Below are 10 types of "body language" that often showed by hamster. Let's learn about some of this "body language" to more understand your lovely pets.

1. Roll into a circle

  • There are 2 reasons for hamster roll into a circle. One is sleeping, while another reason is it is unwell. If it is unwell, then special care is needed.

2. Rolled over the body

  • This action means that they are tried to protect themselves due to startle or afraid.

3. Moving on the same path several times

  • This action showed that they are in nervous condition.

4. Bite the cage

  • There are 2 reasons why hamster likes to bite the cage. First reason is they tried to escape from the cage. Second reason is they are tried to contol the length of their teeth by bite on the cage.

5. Bite the owner's hand

  • There are 2 reasons for hamster showing this reaction. First, they are tried to protect themselves due to afraid. Secondly, they though that there are food coming because owner's hand have the smell of "FOOD".

6. Show dropping ear

  • Hamster will show this action when it is in relaxing mode.

7. Sort out their fur

  • First reason is they are in relaxing mode. Another reason is they are tried to spread their smell onto the body again.

8. Stand up

  • To observed and survey the surrounding conditions.

9. Lie on the floor

  • This normally showed when the hamster come to a new place and they are tried to smell the surrounding conditions.

10. Keep moving their nose

  • They are tried to investigate the surroundings instead of using their eye.

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