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20.05.2016 05:15:30
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Pronatur Holistic


Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic diets, each is a combination of the freshest healthiest ingredients. It's global love of eating in a bowl. Each embodies generations of traditional wisdom at its core. Which is best for your pet? Mediterranēa, Asiatò or Nordikö? All are sublime, it's for you to choose.


Peace, harmony and longevity

Asiatò uses omega-3 rich whitefish as its protein source. Coconut supplies minerals, fibre and a unique fatty acid composition. Kelp may help boost your pet's thyroid and immune system, carefully grown vegetables, beneficial herbs and special ingredients like ginger, papaya, tapioca and shiitake mushrooms round out the formula.

Hedonism and health in perfect balance

Heart-healthy cold-water salmon and menhaden are the protein source. Lentils supply fibre, sweet potato provides vitamins and flaxseed delivers more omega fatty acids. Sun-kissed tomatoes, basil, parsley and oregano target your pets' immune system, load them up with antioxidants and may help prevent skin problems.

Freshness, freedom and natural purity

Tender juicy turkey is the Nordikö formula protein source. Root vegetables, apples, cranberries and berries are blended to make every delicious bite chockfull of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Herbs like hardy thyme provide flavour and valuable health benefits, then there's sun cured alfalfa, dark green kale and more.

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