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20.05.2016 05:15:30
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Product code (SKU):  AF-812
In stock: yes
  • 6w, Max flow 800LPH
  • 13.8cmDia x 18.2cmH
  • Suitable for any freshwater aquarium with the capacity of 20 to 320L.
  • Can be expanded to comprise eight modules.
  • Consists of a cylindrical container fitted with a lid with shut-off valves.
  • The filter is supplied with an external suction pump, which enables operation even in very shallow water, e.g. int tanks where semi-terrestrial turtles are kept.
  • The filter is driven by an independent pump with the throughput of 650l/h.
  • The pump can be installed either inside or outside of the water tank, so filter containers can be positioned not only under the aquarium but also next to it or even above the water level.
  • The cleaning of MULTIKANI FILTERS is facilitated by a shut-off valve with the by-pass function.
  • Includes carefully selected zeolite with exceptionally high soroption capacity.

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